Embark on an exciting journey into the dystopian near-future world of "Psychodrome", a VR sandbox with strong narrative components; drawing inspiration from hit franchises like "Squid Game" and "Hunger Games”. You begin the game entering the Panopticon- a research and training facility owned by a shadowy organisation which runs the Psychodrome Games. As a candidate for gladitorial combat, fleeing financial or environmental hardship, you quickly discover that you aren’t free to leave. 

Your only chance at regaining freedom: Survive increasingly challenging gladiatorial combat matches by mastering RespiraTek: a set of breathing techniques and enhancements which unlock special abilities. (Based on real life breathing exercises employed by Navy SEALS and elite athletes!)

As you grow more powerful by mastering Respiratek, you uncover the secrets of your imprisonment, and gain the ability to turn the tables on your shadowy captors.



In the early 2100s, the world is tipping into environmental and social catastrophe. Many of the rich and powerful have retreated to underground bunkers and complexes, or offworld colonies, as life on the surface becomes more and more challenging. The Psychodrome Games offer an extreme form of entertainment to the masses of poor and disenfranchised, one which mirrors their own brutal existence. Many dream of becoming Psychodrome winners, who can become rich in their own right and join the ranks of the elite, living in protected communities. 

The Panopticon has a flaw- an old escape tunnel that leads you deep into an underground complex of offices and laboratories, owned by the company that runs the games. But it becomes clear that the company isnt really a company. And the human “employees” of this entity are as much slaves as the gladiators. And what are the bizarre life forms that you encounter in this surreal environment?


We're looking to make Psychodrome a platform that empowers creators to experiment with the breath input AI together with the other gameplay systems in the project; Melee combat and weapons, ranged combat and weapons, multiplayer and single player game modes and so on.

Modding will be enabled from as early as possible into development. We will also be releasing documentation and videos on how to use the modding tools, starting with how to create sub levels for our first level, "Kaleidoscopic", which is a stadium that loads sub levels into the arena.

Breath AI

The concept for "Psychodrome" was born out of a desire to create a truly immersive and unique gaming experience. The development team at All Your Tomorrows seek to combine the physicality of VR combat gameplay with a novel input device – the breath. Inspired by ancient martial arts practices and the historical significance of breath control in battle, the team have embarked on a journey to create a game that will engage players on a whole new level. Psychodrome will have a unique player progression system that hinges on their use of breathing in the game. To begin with, the player can use their breath to;

  • Recover from shock or increase their health a little after being hit.
  • Recover from being winded by running whilst encumbered by equipment.
  • Use martial arts techniques such as timing their melee movements with inhalations and exhalations in order to deliver enhanced attacks and increase their blocking ability.
  • Use military breathing techniques such as "box breathing" in order to prepare for battle, rebuild composure, or revive a downed team mate with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Mastery of the basics will begin a progression that culminates in the player developing special abilities, such as time dilation during combat, or the ability to defy gravity. In "Psychodrome," players will be transported to a harsh environment that's inspired by near-future dystopian sci-fi, as well as the modern science and ancient traditions of self-control and discipline in battle. By synchronizing their breathing with their in-game actions, players can experience a level of immersion and connection unlike anything they have encountered before.