I'm an artist and creative tech with 11 years experience in interactive media. During that time I've worked on AAA games, ads and marketing projects for brands and R&D projects for Tech companies. This is my first personal project in this medium.



I'm a software developer with more than 20 years experience developing business applications for Forbes 500 Companies, including at C level. I'm a big fan of Unreal Engine and learned a lot developing in Unreal Script so many years ago. Developing games in Unreal, now in C++ and blueprints, has become my passion and full time occupation.



I'm a netcode developer and have specialised in Unreal for five years. Mostly I've been working on VR simulations of real life scenarios for Police and Army training. In my spare time I've competed in game contests and worked on my own projects. I like using the Gameplay Ability System and combat and AI are my favourite things to work on.



My journey into game development started when I was 13 years old; learning how to make game levels using web tutorials.  Over the years I have worked on over 50+ projects and have had the opportunity to work on Mobile, PC, and VR games, genres like FPS, MMORPG, Open World etc.

Breath AI


Dr Yanick

My background is in computer science and game design. I'm a software engineer and researcher in the digital health domain with a passion for great digital experiences. Currently I'm working as a lecturer and senior researcher at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. 




My early experience was as a level designer at FromSoftware in Tokyo, Japan, where I assisted in creating ‘Elden Ring’. After returning to Australia in 2017, I founded Upsurge Studios, with an initial focus on high-quality level and environment design for video games.



My name is Rowan and I’m a 3D Environment Artist for Upsurge Studios in Australia. Like most, if not all game artists, I grew up obsessed with games and on that front, nothing has changed. Now I’m lucky enough to work in the industry that has bewitched me for as long as I can remember.

Research Partner


Prof. Tobias

I'm Scientific Director of the Centre for Digital Health Interventions, which is a joint initiative of three universities in Switzerland. I design digital health interventions at the intersection of information systems research, computer science and behavioral medicine.